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  • Can you please provide a download link for the 380_57 final HGG firmware for the rt-ac68u. Much appreciated.
    I am using the Asus RT-AC68U running the latest Merlin firmware, but my apple devices wont connect to the Wifi. From reading the forums suggestion are made to try your custom firmware to amend the 802.11h+d settings? Are you able to provide this to me.

    thanks in advance.
    hello master. fantastic your work. i want test new build alpha or beta for n66u, for another device already upload. pls added support alpha release for n66u. thx
    Merry Christmas. Can you send me modiffied firmware for asus ac87u with cfe unlocked?

    Thanks in advance
    Hi. i´m using your fw 378.55_3_HGG_FINAL, on both my ac68 and ac66. Have been really stable, but i now start to get some wifi-dropouts on the ac66. Are there some newer fw from you? for both ac68 and ac66. Thanks in advance!
    Moved into a three level house with concrete walls, need to figure out how to maximize range for a N66U and AC68U. I´d like to try you work, please let me know if you want to share it.
    The FW version I am using is 378.55_3 which is the latest I could find. Other posts in the SNB forum alluded to a 378.55_5 version. When wiil that be out?
    I have been using your fork FW for more than a month. I have been having problems with the PPPT and other VPN implementations like OpenVPN. Can you please send me a link to download the latest version of your FW for the Asus RT-N66, RT-AC66, and RT-AC68 Routers?
    Ho hggomes - I saw a recommendation for your RMerlin firmware fork when researching WiFi instability of my iOS devices with my RT-AC68U. Would it be possible to try your firmware as I would like to try disabling 802.11h+d with my UK router. Thanks
    Dear hggomes, would you be so Kind to provide me a link to download Your Custom firmware for ASUS RT AC68U?

    Thank you very much in Advance and kindly regards, Schwarzangler82
    Hello, can you please send me your modified firmware for the RT-AC87U ?
    Thank you in advance!
    I have 2 router ac68u and ac87u - and i would like to extend the wifi signal in order to cover my entire house (only about 20% more). can you please send me a link to your firmware for routers in order to flash it on my routers?
    Thank you in advance
    Just configured my RT-AC87U to factory FW and having lots of wifi connect problems too. Can you provide me a link for your firmware? I have iPhone 5S (6S plus on order), Android tablet, Intel Compute Stick (Win 8.1), Intel NUC (Win 10 Pro) and DELL 7130 tablet running Intel AC WiFi and Win 10 to connect to the AC87U
    I am now using your modified firmware for the RT-AC87. Its fantastic! I wanted to personally
    thank you. If you do any updates in the future please pass them on to me. Great work,
    wireless signal is now outstanding!

    Charlie C
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