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    Is Engenius on the way out? No more support?

    Yes. Sorry. I typed that poorly. While he was on the phone, we used a third party service for remote access to a spare desktop that's sitting besides the network equipment, which makes it easy to add, remove, unplug, ... as one's sitting right there. Don't even have to drag a laptop in.
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    Is Engenius on the way out? No more support?

    Not yet. During this thing, I have tried to download it to see if it could help, but the download button does nothing. Tried on three computers with different browsers. So, I was only using the built in management screen from the controller.
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    Is Engenius on the way out? No more support?

    PS: Big thanks to Tim. Your email set a few things in motion, that allow me to have my network in order tonight :)
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    Is Engenius on the way out? No more support?

    The fantastic news is, my ticket was assigned, I posted a reply to the ticket and within minutes of doing that, I got a call from Gabriel. He reviewed the situation. Basically yes the 1.8-1.9 thing is for later this year, the "new out of the box" items and their factory firmware are unable to...
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    Is Engenius on the way out? No more support?

    Thank you for the reply. Without a response yet to my ticket, I did try my chance at a chat earlier this afternoon, and saw your reply above right after said chat ended, and of course the "remedy" from chat went nowhere. Good news is. Apparently the incompatibility is "normal" and there is an...
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    Is Engenius on the way out? No more support?

    Intro. Based on some reading and positive impressions, a number of years ago I upgraded from a "whole house wifi router " to an Engenius POE kit with two access points. Decent expanded coverage. Trouble was, the lack of roaming, where phones and tablets would hold on to ap1 instead of hopping...
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    QNAP TS-470 Pro Turbo NAS Reviewed

    Thank you for the detailed review. Having been waiting for a SYno DS413 and now 414, this the model that interest me the most from a performance aspect. I just can't quite find justification for the price point of this empty i3 system vs some other i3 i5 i7 full fledged computer hardware...
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    For the brave: Synology DSM 5-beta Announced

    For the brave, no kidding! I stopped at updating dsm 4.? due to all the ongoing issues and regressions with every official update. It has been a couple years now that updating with the non-betas has been hit or miss for countless people, and you feel like a beta tester even though you are not...
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    Slow write / transfer speeds across the board with the DS213

    Which hard drives are you using? And in what Raid configuration?
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    tipster, How do you like this engenius vs the previous one you had? Better coverage & usable range? SNB hasn't reviewed it yet, that I am aware of.
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    Recommendations on a large scale WIFI network

    So, you'd want two WiFi network segments. One restricted with guaranteed bandwidth. & One open to the public. With the ability to limit abuse and restrict per user bandwidth. #1 is easy #2 could be more costly and trouble than it is worth, especially when you want to cover a large...
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    EnGenius ESR750H review

    Either way ... you both know a ton of stuff :) Back onto the subject at hand ;) Engenius told me SmallNetBuilder will be receiving a review unit, so I'm looking forward to the review :)
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    EnGenius ESR750H review

    You know your stuff, Steve :) You can hear (mostly), but you can't talk ... meteorological issues, technological limitations, budget limitations, fall back on cellphones. I will start a new topic on practical need for my house, as far as router and additional hardware goes, rather than...
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    EnGenius ESR750H review

    Very true. ( I've been used to working with two-way handheld and vehicle mounted radios on a daily basis )