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    (SOLVED) Printer queue won’t clear

    Ah, I never use such connections, always (tcpip) raw or lpr, try lpr (and enable lpr byte count). That has always worked, bugged firmware or not ;)
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    (SOLVED) Printer queue won’t clear

    Is the printer port set for Raw or Lpr ?
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    WAN reconnect after cable failure

    Exclusive for .18 or can this (also) be set via ssh?
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    Reverse Proxy for RT68U

    I don't think asus routers have enough power/ram to provide a proxy service, if you have a NAS with webserver support it would be better to forward from asus to your NAS and proxy from there.
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    Disable internet access via command line

    Yes it will, you can specify single or ranges or all.
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    Disable internet access via command line

    It is with merlin RT-AC68U_384.17_0
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    Disable internet access via command line

    conntrack -D --src= Kill active links after FW change to block 'src'
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    Assistance with connecting to nas via vpn

    Can you ping the NAS over vpn, ssh to your router: can you ping the NAS from the shell ? Try a tracert to see if there is a route back.
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    How to setup RDP thru OpenVPN on AC86U

    A better/easier solution is to install something like Anydesk.
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    RT-AC68U Reboots Randomly - Bad Eraseblock?

    On rare occasions I've seen a faulty power adapter do this.
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    Dual wan anyone get it working with Reliability ?

    If it is possible to switch WAN from a shell a simple scheduled task can solve this for any model any firmware. For example you can open a restfull connection, when internet fails this connection and the program exits, you conduct tests to see if the exit is related to a failure and flip WAN...
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    Admin password changed after installing Merlin

    Is this a must ? no way around other then reconfigure ? workarounds ?
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    ssh as client and compression

    If supported how do you enable compression with dropbear ssh as a client?
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    How do i setup, configure and secure a sftp server?

    The default ssh setup works with scp.
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    Create/open socket

    I know this works but is not suitable for automation.