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  1. joms

    ASUS RT-AC5300

    Hi, I just got this router. What is the best firmware (and version) should I use for this? Is there a Merlin firmware for this unit? Also, is there anything I should disable in the settings (due to bugs)? I kind of read somewhere that smart connect isn't working and should be disabled? (not sure)
  2. joms

    Best router to buy this day

    I am looking to get a new router as I will be giving my old one to my parents. I was using an AC66u. What router should I get with a budget of $300+ We have: 2x desktops (wired) 2x laptops (wireless) 4x IPAD (wireless) 5x iPhone (wireless) 3x TV (wired) (Netflix) 1x PlayStation 4 (wireless)...
  3. joms


    Ummm why PM? Your review and opinion would be very useful for other people as well. I'm also interested if the range of the 88u is much better than the n66u. =)
  4. joms

    [Maylyn - Networking] ASUS RT-AC88U

    I wonder how the range is on this router? Do you think it will go much farther than my n66u?
  5. joms

    Broken power button

    Happened to me too. My N66u power switch broke all of a sudden after 1 year of use. I hope they rectify this problem in future models.
  6. joms

    Asus N66u vs AC3200 - in terms of range

    I currently have an Asus N66u and I would like to upgrade my router. I am looking at the AC3200. Does the AC3200 have longer range than the N66u? If so, how much longer? Thanks.
  7. joms

    Help: Need a router that I can assign DL speed, etc

    system error message - Thanks for the reply but I think you skipped the part where I mentioned that the child in question is a "special child" (autistic) hence directing his energy to math or programming is not an option. If we don't limit his internet/computer usage then he will never sleep nor...
  8. joms

    Help: Need a router that I can assign DL speed, etc

    Thanks. It says that there is an upgrade to the router you linked. Amazon says this is the upgrade. Is this better? D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wi-Fi Route
  9. joms

    Help: Need a router that I can assign DL speed, etc

    Hi, I need your help. We have 3x desktops , 3x notebooks, 4x ipads, 5x iphones, 5x smart TVs, etc in our house. I have configured each to have a manual IP. We often use netflix (max of 2 users watching at a time), youtube, facebook. Now, I am in need of a wireless router that can do the...
  10. joms

    Asus RT-N66U firmware for me? (need QOS + stability)

    Hi guys, I need your help. What firmware would you recommend me if my main priority is QOS and stability? I would like to be able to prioritize our netflix + browsing. Also, I'd like to be able to restrict bandwidth to various computer/TV like i would give one of my TV only a 80kb/s...
  11. joms

    What firmware for me?

    My main priority is QOS for netflix. I want my appletv to have first priority. Then i want to assign the netflix port the next highest priority since we also use netflix on our ipad or comp. after which priority is for web browsing then online gaming. With this in mind, what...