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    Wi-Fi 6E: The Basics

    Is it a requirement for devices using Wi-Fi 6E to implement 802.11k? I ask because I saw an option (or set of options really) on either the advanced wireless or debug screens of a Netgear RAXE500 to enable/disable 802.11k(v) in an older version of firmware, but now all references to those...
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    Cisco RV-345P Dual WAN Gigabit PoE VPN Router Reviewed

    I have deployed several of these routers over the years. Here is a tip to improve overall performance I hope others find helpful: Buy the RV340W... for its superior CPU, not necessarily for its wireless capabilities. Although the RV340W costs a bit more, it utilizes a 33% more powerful CPU...
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    News CES 2021: NETGEAR Introduces Wi-Fi 6E Tri-Band Router

    Wow! Pair the TP-Link Archer AX206 with a Motorola MB8611 (both of which have 2.5Gbe ports), along with a Netgear MS510TX switch, and a person could actually have a network that could not only achieve >1Gb Internet speeds but also have a LAN that could actually make full use of it by a single...
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    News CES 2021: NETGEAR Introduces Wi-Fi 6E Tri-Band Router

    The CPU on my RAX120 runs high under a few conditions. 1. WAN Link Aggregation - I have gigabit Internet (1000 up/50 down) through Sparklight (used to be CableONE) and a Motorola MB8600 cable modem that supports LAGs. If I turn on the LAG functionality in the MB8600, and also configure the...
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    Netgear Router Hidden Pages

    Here are some of the links Netgear routers use to display the release notes for firmware updates. R9000: RAX120:
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    RAX120 speed issues

    Just curious, but are you using WAN aggregation? Netgear uses software to provide link aggregation capabilities in all their consumer routers. This means the router uses it main CPU to make LAGs work. To be fair, it's rare to find any router (consumer or otherwise) that provides WAN aggregation...
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    What's Missing From Your Wi-Fi 6 Router? OFDMA

    I thought the RAX120 was Wi-Fi 6 certified. I guess because of all the exposure the certification received. Its actually just Wi-Fi Certified, or Wi-Fi Certified for WPA3 if that's a thing?
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    What is the relationship between ipq8074,ipq8078,ipq8074_002,ipq8074A and ipq8078A

    Interesting... According to the FCC internal photos (PY317300397) the RAX120 contains a Qualcomm IPQ8074 002 chip. Netgear has long claimed the RAX120 uses a 64-bit 2.2GHz quad-core processor. Does this mean the IPQ8074 (002) = IPQ8074 v2?
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    Netgear Jaguar (Nighthawk X12) AX6000 Wireless Router

    I can't find the link anymore, but I read the RAX120 runs the 15.05.1 (Chaos Calmer) release of OpenWrt (linux kernel 4.4.60). Can anyone confirm that? I think Chaos Calmer contains qos-scripts v1.2.1 which utilizes sch_fq_codel. Does anyone know what the RAX120 uses for QoS? Qualcomm's...
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    Netgear Router Hidden Pages

    A buddy of mine has an RAX200. I jotted down some hidden pages that I happened to see. It's not a complete list by any means. YMMV as I didn't get to test them out: DebugHiddenPage_iqos.htm DebugHiddenPage.htm OPENVPN_hidden.htm WiFi_HiddenPage.htm
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    News NETGEAR Announces Tri-Band AX RAX200 Router

    Anyone know what version of linux the RAX200 runs? I'm thinking it's 4.1.27, but I could be wrong. Also, I read the RAX200 offers Dynamic QoS and the latest firmware updates the dynamic QoS database version to v1.278. Is that Broadcom's BroadStream iQoS (which I think may be the same as Trend...
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    Netgear Router Hidden Pages

    Here are some of the links Netgear routers use to check for firmware updates. R9000: RAX120:
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    Custom firmware build for R9000 v.

    Thx for the link. The output doesn't contain "net.ipv4.tcp_min_snd_mss = 48" so the CVE fixes haven't been applied in this version... nor in the more recently (although with a smaller build/version number) released firmware: R9000 Firmware Version Release Notes: New Features...
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    Custom firmware build for R9000 v.

    @Voxel Netgear just released a hotfix for the R9000. Did they simply patch the same security vulnerabilities as you? link: R9000 Firmware Version - Hot Fix Here are the release notes for your viewing pleasure: Bug Fixes: Fixes security vulnerability issues.
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    NETGEAR "Stealthily" Releases the Nighthawk X6S R7960P

    @e38BimmerFN I ran another test as a sanity check, and the 'UDP Hole Punching' section changed yet again. Thoughts? Just curious on my part. Here are the results of the test: UPnP Test (?): found: RAX120...