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    AC68U A2 vs AC66U B1

    Thanks everyone for all the responses and advice, I do appreciate that. I ended up replacing the 68 with the 66 so now my mesh is two AC66Us. Surprisingly (or not!) the new 66 seems to "work better" than the 68. I had the 68 in the basement and the other 66 on the top floor (three floors here)...
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    AC68U A2 vs AC66U B1

    Thank you very much for the response. :) You've confirmed what my gut was telling me.
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    AC68U A2 vs AC66U B1

    I've tried to find an answer on my own but... well, I am not as smart as I thought I was. :) Given the choice between the two devices in the title and keeping in mind the AC68U is running a lower clock speed, which device would you choose? Most devices would using 5GHz instead of 2.4. More...
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    Asus Aimesh any good?

    Just echoing here but my AiMesh probs went away after moving from wireless to ethernet backhaul. Extremely stable since doing so.
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    AIMESH with RT-AC66 & RT-AC68

    I have these two devices and AiMesh seems to work fine without roaming assistant enabled. With that said I have both devices connected via ethernet - specifically powerline adapters. I had tried to have them connected via wifi and it wasn't very stable for me (node would disappear). Your...
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    Blank page when logging in

    Signed up just to add my voice too! I get this about.... hmmm... once a month. AC68U, latest Merlin firmware. Multiple machines/devices and browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Edge). What I get is the usual login prompt for the router, after submitting it never loads. After that happens, even the...