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    Rebuild cru list (can't delete a cron job)

    I had an errant entry on my crontab because I incorrectly entered the wrong cru syntax. Now I can't delete it with cru -d as it won't take any id I tried with quotes or single quotes. It's the second line: 47 15 */7 * * service restart_letsencrypt #LetsEncrypt# #45 1 * * 5-6...
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    I could not access Pornhub although I set up the VPN

    Since you don't control the target IPs, it's likely 66.254.114/23 is not enough. Just a quick look on here shows other IPs. Don't you want to give feedback during/after watching? Well, that's on another set of IP (104.17.x.x). Same thing if you ever need help from their customer...
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    Solved New Fiber PPPOE service, Router "Connected" but no internet.

    So I'm curious, how did they establish it was working with their diagnostic router in the first place? Did they not use your first/incorrect IP on that router and instead used their own diagnostic IP? That sucks. Asking because I may switch to fiber in a second location and have never gone...
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    Scheduled QoS settings or bandwidth limit

    Thanks for this. I added it as a rudimentary /jffs/script/ #!/bin/sh nvram set qos_enable=$1 nvram set qos_bw_rulelist="$1>>768>768>0" service "restart_qos;restart_firewall" The above qos_bw_rulelist limits the IPs in the range of (ipcalc) to 768...
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    Router not getting internet back after WAN drop

    Just curios, are people experiencing this also have Adaptive QoS turned on? As noted in the wiki here, that might be a factor in WAN DHCP not renewing. YMMV.
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    RT-AX88U or RT-AX86U as main Router using AiMesh 2.0 with Merlin firmware.

    I upgraded from AC86U to AX86U, keeping a single Unifi nanoHD as the AP (with UC-CK controller and US-8-60W switch). I prefer the simplicity of Asuswrt-Merlin vs a UI gateway. With WAN aggregation on a Netgear CM1100 modem, I'm getting about 960-1200ish, occasionally to 1400 on Comcast Gigabit...
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    Customize stubby.yml

    bbunge, thanks for those 2 entries in your change.
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    Customize stubby.yml

    Thanks Colin! Forgot about that directory. For those who want to configure DoT the same way: cat /jffs/scripts/stubby.postconf #!/bin/sh CONFIG=$1 source /usr/sbin/ pc_replace "edns_client_subnet_private: 1" "edns_client_subnet_private: 0" $CONFIG With this, my subnet is provided...
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    Customize stubby.yml

    I understand the privacy implication, but I'd like to send the subnet EDNS in the DoT queries. I'm using Quad9 (ECS enabled). It seems that is controlled by this line in /etc/stubby/stubby.yml edns_client_subnet_private: 1 How do I permanently either remove this line, or set it...