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    AC86U 5G SSID occasionally disappears

    Hi, need some help. My 2 month old AC86U recently behaves strange: the 5G SSID occasionally disappears (but all devices on 5G were still connected and functioned normally) - the SSID would reappear after a while without any intervention, but sometimes it might disappear and dropped all devices...
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    Router Advice Needed

    Thanks for all the responses! To sfx2000: I have tried to move the Orbi satellites around but I don't have too many options since the house isn't that big and the cable entrance is in a relatively centered location of the house - one Orbi main router could "barely" cover the whole house, of...
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    Router Advice Needed

    Been lurking around for years on SMB and finally registered to join the community LOL Need some advice whether I need to buy a new router, or the current setting needs to be fine-tuned. Thanks! Currently using Orbi (1 router 2 satellites) for a 2100 sqft home and guess it's an overkill for...