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    Upgrade to Symmetrical Gigabit - Need to Upgrade my Asus RT-AC3100 (RMerlin FW: 384.17)

    I am in a similar boat. I have a symmetric gigabit connection and would love to get rid of my buffer bloat with something with fq_codel or cake. So that leaves PFSense or Openwrt. The APU2 @Trip mentioned is almost perfect, but its just not quite fast enough for an SQM on gigabit but would...
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    "Good Looking" Wave2 AC 3x3+ router/access point?

    If TP-Link had something similar to the FlexHD, so I wouldn't have to ceiling mount the first floor access point, I would have totally jumped. But you may have convinced me to try to hack in a first floor access point somewhere. Will need to think.
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    "Good Looking" Wave2 AC 3x3+ router/access point?

    So ~2 months ago Amazon had 15% off EAP245s as part of a Prime card special. I was ready to purchase 2 of them, the outdoor model, the POE switch and the controller. Ultimately I decided that I would hold off on going full access point until AX 6e stuff starts come out in a year or two. But...
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    Anywhere you can buy a single Asus CT8 router?

    I am interested in purchasing a single one of these, but I can't seem to find anything except for two packs. Their marketing material seems to imply you should be able, but maybe there are supply problems from Covid?
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    "Good Looking" Wave2 AC 3x3+ router/access point?

    My trusty Asus RT68W seems to have a failing 2.4Ghz radio so I want to replace it with something "temporary" while I wait out Wifi 6E at which point I will probably go full access points. I have gigabit Fios, 1600sq/ft house two story house (square), and 3 3x3 devices (15 inch MacBook pros)...
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    2019 Google Nest Router is impressive

    I think most people get their own router because 1) Wireless Range 2) Stability 3) Mesh 4) Not "renting" one from their ISP etc. 5) Speed .... 100) Privacy.
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    WiFi 6 Qualcomm Networking Pro 1200 routers ... In addition to the Orbi, the press release contained references to Ruckus, Aruba, Belkin (Linksys) so assume all of these will have new releases soon on this platform...
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    Amplifi Alien

    Am I understanding this correctly? Its saying it has 4804 Mbps dedicated to backhaul when linked with another one and 4804 Mbps decided to clients? That would make this much faster on paper than the new Orbis right?
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    CES 2019: ARRIS Announces Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System With All 4x4 Design Looks like pre orders are up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Linksys Velop Roaming Garbage

    Well, the ascetics of the case changed to match the 225 V3, including having the ethernet/power on the bottom so you can hide the wires. Internally, the new V3 has MU-MIMO, Seamless Roaming (802.11r/k/v), Airtime Fairness and Beamforming. I believe like the 225 V3, which is already out, the...
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    Linksys Velop Roaming Garbage

    Are you in the US? There is a new version of the 245 that has launched outside the US already that is supposed to launch here next month.
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    [NEWS] - Amazon buys Eero

    Easily hacked?
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    TP-Link EAP225v3 AC1350 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point Reviewed

    Thanks for checking. It's been hard not to bite on the all the 225 deals, but I have a few 3x3 devices, so I really wanted to wait. Now depending on the price, I will need to decide if I should skip a generation and move to ax.
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    TP-Link EAP225v3 AC1350 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point Reviewed

    The 245 in that chart is not V3. You can see the V3 specs here
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    RT-AC68U Version

    Anyone know what " Fixed NAT throughput drop issue." refers to?