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    Best VPN to buy on Black Friday disocunt?

    I am searching for the Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2018, as i am using ExpressVPN and it will be expire on 20th November, so looking forward to renew ExpressVPN or will switch to other VPN service if i'll get the maximum discount and coupon deal on black friday because Expressvpn is expensive...
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    These VPN Services Can Easily Be Hacked

    You seems not updated with the details of Nordvpn and Expressvpn. Nordvpn also added double hop routes traffic through at least two hops and advances the security. Both have Data encryption AES-256 features. If you compare NordVPN vs ExpressVPN then wouldn't find big differences in security...
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    What is correct att apn setting for Galaxy note 5?

    Which is the correct APN setting for AT&T Prepaid SIM on Verizon Galaxy Note 5 phone? I found these website for setting This one says Name: NXTGENPHONE, APN: NXTGENPHONE This one says: Name: ATT Phone, APN Phone...
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    PUREVPN Exclusive 71% Discount ($2.91/M)

    PureVPN known as a fastest VPN service offering 71% exclusive discount. VPN SERVERS Globally 500+ Servers, 80,000+ IPs in 141 Countries 142+ highly optimized North & South American VPN servers 249+ highly optimized European VPN servers 32+ highly optimized Oceania VPN servers 80+ highly...
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    Help with SSL VPN

    I have same issue and will try this way hope it will work...
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    VPN recommendations

    I never heard about this vpn service though you can give it a free trial but don't imagine it would be great by just reading their blogs... There are many best and reliable VPN which you can also try before buying I'd suggest try them as well. Smart DNS is really a great feature and few other...
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    Excluding Range of IP's from VPN

    can you specify the situation like which VPN are you using, what kind of network,.. ?
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    Is it possible to reconnect VPN automatically?

    Read about VPN kill Switch might it will be helpful for you
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    best small business vpn firewall router - cisco ipsec site-to-site

    Sonicwall PFsense Cyberoam FortiGates See this post hope help you more
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    toto vpn or strong vpn?

    Try IPVanish you can get good speed I read the Lawrence Traynor Interview where he said that IPVanish is the fastest and reliable VPN in the world. IPVanish supports PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols.
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    toto vpn or strong vpn?

    Well I heard that PureVPN is going good and providing fastest speed then others they have great protocols and 300 Servers.... 2,000 IP's and 27 Countries Location.. It support for a variety of VPN routers such as Asus, DDWRT, Belkin, Tomato and TP Link... the 2 days money back guarantee and the...
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    OpenVPN reset to defaults

    As the /etc/init.d/openvpn script (which is what gets executed by /usr/sbin/service) does not offer any options to do it (at least with ubuntu-10.04), the answer is no. But since it is all scripts, you can just edit /etc/init.d/openvpn and add something like named-restart)...
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    selective routing with two openvpn clients running

    See if any of the link help you..
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    Looking to access the vpn server using Android table lt

    There are many vpn which can provide you vpn server access on Android tablet you can open website and select the best vpn app for you after reading reviews ..