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    My solution to AIMesh not adding a node with RT-AC68u & AXE11000

    what works for me 100% of the time (as far as memory serves) is: 1) hard-wire between the router's LAN port to node's WAN port, and 2) use the Asus Android app to initiate pairing. works with direct (router->node) connection and/or with 2 switches in between.
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    Merlin firmware v386.2_6 Problems

    I have also reported issues with Parental Control. My resolution is to scheduled reboot on the main router.
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    AC68U/Merlin 386.2_6 time scheduling working intermittently only?

    thanks for the prompt replies. My current solution is just to reboot the router more often. Not ideal, but at least it is automatic using AsusWRT/Merlin. the devices under parental control are either 1) windows-10 PCs, and 2) android tablets. I have no Apple devices. regards,
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    AC68U/Merlin 386.2_6 time scheduling working intermittently only?

    hi, I've enabled AiProtection->Parental Controls->Time Scheduling and activated Time Management based on MAC addresses. This is because I don't want kids to have internet access late at night. However, I find it to be working only intermittently. Some times it works, and most of time it...
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    For those having stability issues on AImesh with wireless backhaul, downgrade to 384.13

    I have, drop-out still an issue in 386.1, 386.2_2, and 386.2_4, both as AiMesh node and media bridge.
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    AiMesh Node Dropping with Strange DHCP Entries

    I am having the same issues. I have been experiencing disconnects, both in AiMesh node (wireless backhaul) or in media bridge mode, and both in AsusWRT and Merlin 386.2 (both AiMesh and router are always on the same firmware). When it happened today, I also noticed these entries in the...
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    Upgrading RT-AC68U on old firmware

    how many clients do you have on the Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP list? Why not, from the WebGUI, just do a copy/paste to a text editor? if you do a factory default reset, your router will boot up with a set up page. Once you perform the initial setup, you can set the default password.
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    unmounted USB/JFFS

    sorry for what may be a trivial question: starting from a week ago, I noticed that the USB drive connect to my router (AC68U running Merlin 386.1) is unmounted. Rebooting the router does NOT mount the drive; I have scripts (Diversion, etc) on the usb drive. Can I simply replace/reformat the...
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    AC68U wireless bridge not stable?

    thanks. I've read it and it looks using freshtomato is the answer if I want to use it in media-bridge mode. I've updated the AC68U (media-bridge) to Merlin 386.2_2 but the disconnection still occurs. The AiMesh router/wired-node are still on Merlin 386.1.
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    AC68U wireless bridge not stable?

    hi, just tried your suggestions this morning but still experiencing disconnection problem with an AC68U in media bridge mode: - the media bridge AC68U is using a static IP, - when the disconnection occurs, I can login to the media bridge from a desktop that is wired to the media bridge, -...
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    AC68U wireless bridge not stable?

    thanks, I'll give these suggestion a try. and these settings (auto bandwidth/channels) wouldn't effect the old trusty Asus 520GU running old/original tomato firmware? is it because these settings are only relevant to wireless-AC and not wireless-g?
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    AC68U wireless bridge not stable?

    haha, good catch. Fixed,
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    AC68U wireless bridge not stable?

    1) under Wireless->General, for both the 2.4/5GHz, the Control Channel and Extension Channel are "auto", 2) under Channel bandwidth: 2.4GHz: 20/40MHz, 5.0GHz: 20/40/80MHz 3) yes, separate ID, 4) can't find such a option? basically I didn't tweak much, everything was left as default after...
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    AC68U wireless bridge not stable?

    Greetings, I have a wifi stability issue with Merlin/Ac68U that I cannot resolve, I seek your collective guidance in this debugging process. I currently have 2x AC68U running Asus Merlin (386.1) in AiMesh model with wired backhaul. The AiMesh router is in the basement (at one corner of the...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    pardon the naïve question: I am currently on Merlin 386.1, having switched from Asus official firmware for tighter integration (using Diversion on USB attached to the router instead of running pi-hole on a separate SBC). All my routers (Aimesh router + nodes) are on 386.1. Can I do a dirty...