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    RT-AX92U Dropping Internet on Router Unit

    I did the firmware update a few weeks ago. I went from things being rock solid stable to the same as OP is describing. We started getting random drops and needing to forget and then re-sign into the SSID. I was sorry I messed with a good thing. The fix, in my situation was pretty simple. I...
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    Asus RTAX92U backhaul issue

    I’m very impressed with Asus Support. I have already received a response. ‘I am writing this email to provide you an update about your ongoing case. In accordance with recommendation of our engineers, Ethernet backhaul option for this particular model will still be using the 5HHz-2 band at...
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    Asus RTAX92U backhaul issue

    Just as an update, I’ve been in contact with ASUS Support. they had me submit a wireless feedback form. I’ll post an update if anything comes of the request.
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    I’m running into the exact same issue. Also in Canada.. I’m wondering if it’s user error or if I should email asus?
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    Asus RTAX92U backhaul issue

    Idk.. maybe? I did factory reset both the router and the node before connecting the node to the mesh via ethernet?
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    Asus RTAX92U backhaul issue

    I’ve installed two 92U’s in AIMesh. Everything is working well except I’m trying to get wifi6 working. As I understand it, the wifi6 on these routers will only work if you connect the AIMesh via Ethernet. If not the second 5GHz SSID (the one I understand is used for wifi6) is dedicated to wifi...
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    PPTP or L2TP/ IPSec or OpenVPN

    Thanks, I'm running Merlins firmware, have been for a number of years. I was able to get TorGuard up and running without issue (thanks a million to Xentrk and his detailed instructions) I ran speed test and I'm hitting my full 25mbps. So far so good..
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    PPTP or L2TP/ IPSec or OpenVPN

    Thanks for the response! I think I'll tackle this project this evening.
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    PPTP or L2TP/ IPSec or OpenVPN

    I'm really new to VPN. I would appreciate it if someone could recommend which set up to use. Asus RT AC3100 Copper high speed 25 mbps want to use to stream out of market Netflix / Hulu Thanks
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    Advice on VPN

    I would appreciate general some advice on VPN. Right now I know very little about how they work (setting it up within the router) but that will change if I’m able to confirm I can use it for what I need. We use a Proxi Service to mask our DNS so we can access Hulu, HBO Now ect. I have the Asus...
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    Uses Asus RT-AC87U

    What would be a fair price to pay for a used 87U? What would be a good price, haha. What the heck, I don't care to buy it for a fair price, I want a good price..
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    Asus iPhone App

    I'm wondering if anyone else is using the Asus iPhone app. It's simply called Asus Router. You can see all devices on the network and real time traffic. It seems to work well but I do have one question. There is a notification that says more secure connection. What is that? Is it a more secure...
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    Reco Router, strong WiFi

    Some friends of mine are looking for me to recommend a router for them. I will recommend Asus as it's what I'm most familiar working with. The issue they seem to have is they have a giant stone fireplace that basically cuts their home in half. They are using a Bell supplied modem that has...
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    Rebooting Router

    Nope , no USB! Thanks Merlin!
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    Rebooting Router

    I have a question regarding rebooting the Rt-AC87U. I always reboot my router using the asus software. I log into the router and click reboot. It takes about 60 seconds. I do this periodically too speed things up. I’m going to be away for an extended period of time (no, not prison, I’m not going...