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    Release RT-AC88U New Firmware Version

    pwr?? [email protected]:/# pwr show -sh: pwr: not found [email protected]:/# find . -name pwr [email protected]:/#
  2. Natey2

    Release New AX88U Firmware v3.

    Just curious, but why is v3. 29MB larger for the AX88U than it is for the AC88U on the Asus download site? Thinking of updating my AC88U from the recent 41535 to 41700...
  3. Natey2

    Looking for best traffic analyzer

    Does it add noticeable overhead to network traffic? Here's the Asus Traffic Analyzer for those who have not seen it.
  4. Natey2

    Looking for best traffic analyzer

    Splunk + Palo Alto Networks app Sorry, that was for Corporate/Enterprise networks. Maybe someday we'll have that kinda thing for home networks.
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    VLAN on NEW Router... or Separate Routers for IoT and Security

    My simplistic approach: move risky devices to router's Guest network. Use my Asus router AiProtection (TrendMicro) to monitor dubious connection activity on all devices, e.g. AiProtection in action
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    Release RT-AC88U New Firmware Version

    I'm on 386.41535 on my AC88U for a few days now. Have not seen any bad effects. A software reboot after firmware upgrade didn't enable admin login; I had to do a hardware reboot. I didn't do a factory reset; there are over 2900 settings (IIRC) when I exported them from nvram, some customized...
  7. Natey2

    SolarWinds syslog viewer

    I had a demo/trial/free version of the tool. With all the recent news, is that compromised in any way? Are there other syslog tools to read the log on my RT-AC88U router?
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    Complain here about Tapatalk removal

    I don't mean to digress, but how does Discourse compare against Reddit?
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    Complain here about Tapatalk removal

    Now that I'm not using Tapatalk to read these postings, are the inter-posting ads caused by my web browser or this site?
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    portsLinkStaus=0 after ac88u update

    I've not seen that message since updating my RT-AC88U to v3.
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    AIProtection Alert - Troubleshooting the offending app

    Thanks! Makes sense now. I thought that was some signature related to the Asus firmware and not TrendMicro AiProtection. Gotta click on that every week or so? Sent using Tapatalk
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    AIProtection Alert - Troubleshooting the offending app

    I don't see an option to update the TrendMicro malware signatures via the router. Maybe the signatures are remote. I was at Asus Firmware Version: Just updated to Version: The AiProtection interface is a little different now under the "Malicious Sites...
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    AiProtection: GUI always shows 0

    I'm on stock Asus firmware, and AiProtection works. Not sure how accurate it classifies threats though: Sent using Tapatalk
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    AIProtection Alert - Troubleshooting the offending app

    @RMerlin that website does not return the same classification as the AiProtection in Asus: Sent using Tapatalk
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    Asus RT-AX89X review

    What does the last "X"/"U" in the model signify? e.g. AX89X vs. AX88U Sent using Tapatalk