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    Web Interface for RT-AC86U not working, need to reboot router

    Try to use https instead of http for connection to webui. Might help.
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    Sorry if it's already been asked AX86U Merlin FW?

    There is also this thread -
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    The Uptime Contest

    Normally my uptime on rt-ac86u is always more than 1 year. I think record was something about 2.5 years. Usually its gets reset when I need to change UPS battery or like recently 2.4ghz band broke on it and had to reboot router/install more recent merlin fw. p.s. Currently uptime is 6 days...
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    RT-AC86U 2.4GHz problems

    @cooloutac: hmm, I think there was nothing unusual in syslog. qos, ai protection and traffic analyzer was (and is) disabled always on my setup. I dont use such things :) My router mainly works as NAS as private download station for me. I did not factory reset after merlin fw update (from 383.13...
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    RT-AC86U 2.4GHz problems

    2.4ghz issue started for me few days ago. My rt-86u is more than 2.5years in use. I dont even use 2.4ghz band 24/7, but only switch it on when needed. So few days ago I switched it on as usual and immediately started getting crackling noise from pc subwoofers (which are placed above router)...
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    Merlin firmware for the new RT-AX86U?

    After 2,5years using RT-AC86U with merlin fw I encountered infamous 2.4ghz issue... So I started to thinking about new router and found this RT-AX86U which seems logical successor (design wise & hardware wise). I would really benefit using its 2.5gbit port for transferring big files from router...