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  1. orcan

    AiMesh Configuration With Asuswrt-Merlin 3.2

    I recently decided to reconfigure my existing AiMesh setup: 2 x RT-AC86U + 1 RT-AC68U. All nodes were on Merlin 3.2 in an existing AiMesh. After I deleted the AiMesh configuration and tried to rebuild, I have only been successful with the 2 AC86. AC68 would not join regardless of what I tried...
  2. orcan

    AC-68U 386.2_4 wifi dropping

    In general you are correct, but I usually try a simple reboot first while the IoT device is trying to connect. Most of the time after the reboot the device gets an IP address by DHCP and connects to the WLAN. Factory reset/reload config is an escalation step in case simple reboot does not help...
  3. orcan

    AC-68U 386.2_4 wifi dropping

    I have a similar issue, but have been able to find a workaround, which does help, but I am unable to explain why. To begin with I always had issues with connecting IoT devices even when running 384.19. I am currently on 386.2_6 for my AiMesh Router: RT-AC86U, Nodes: RT-AC86U, RT-AC68U. I have...
  4. orcan

    386.1_2 AiMesh node drops RT-AC68U

    When 382.1_2 came out 2 weeks ago I took my 3 routers (2xAC86U, 1xAC68U) through a nuclear reset, flashed the firmware (no issues) and manually rebuild the network from scratch. While I am happy with being able to run a stable AiMesh for the first time ever since I bought the first 2 Asus...