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    AX86U Slow upload speed

    There is a beta version of the firmware, which seems to fix the problem with the speed - Here is the link - taken here -
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    RT-AX88U - IOS devices fails iCloud backup
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    RT-AX88U - IOS devices fails iCloud backup

    Do it and check (disable)
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    RT-AX86U slow LAN speed?

    Port on TV is limited to 100 Mbps. Connect via WiFi
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    DC connector RT-AX86U

    Not. 4.0 * 1.35mm does not fit. More like 5.5 * 2.5mm (but I'm not sure) I have DC Adapter AcBel ADH011 -
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    DC connector RT-AX86U

    Please tell me the dimensions of the DC connector - "Outer Diameter" mm * "Inner Diameter" mm DC Adapter ASUS RT-AX86U Sorry for my English.
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    AX-86U networks disappearing

    Thank you! Which version is this? RT-AX86U_386.2_beta1 ?
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    AX-86U networks disappearing

    Can I have a photo of these settings?
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    News ASUS "New" models

    Hi. What is the difference between the two versions of ASUS RT-AX86U: 1 - Mfr part code: 90IG05F1-MU2G10 2 - Mfr part code: EBR1-90IG05F1-MU2G10...
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    Release RT-AX58U Firmware. 384.10177 (11-26-2020)

    Yes, I did. I returned to the previous firmware (9918), everything is fine.
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    Release RT-AX58U Firmware. 384.10177 (11-26-2020)

    On this firmware version, the signal level on WiFi 5G dropped dramatically.