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    Devices connected to Yazfi guest ssid -- how to find/monitor them?

    Seconded. I remember trying yazfi before as well but couldn’t find the same function as OP. Wondering if it’s available now..
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    Is RT-AX56u worth it?

    Interesting. Thank you very much for the very informative info. Last question though...if I do go with the media bridge route, I would then be using all wired aimesh setup (2 nodes) + 1 media bridge (wireless). Is this setup ok (mixing wired AiMesh nodes and a wireless media bridge)? Also, can...
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    Is RT-AX56u worth it?

    Hi! I was just wondering how media bridge mode differs from simply connecting devices thru the ethernet cables to a router in (wireless) AiMesh node. I’m currently using this method and thinking if it would be better switching to media bridge after reading your comment. Thanks!