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    Can't Access Router Admin to upgrade Firmware

    Hey there, your handle is familiar. I remember seeing it in xda note 2 forums. Anyway, I had the same issue with the 2ghz band on my n66u. It's painfully slow like 1 to 2mbps. i get 40mbps download speed when connected to 5ghz band. Did you ever get the issue with 2.4ghz resolved? Sent from...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin 374.39 is out

    Anyone else having issues with the 2.4ghz? For some reason, i get 1mbps download speed on ookla speedtest. On 5ghz, i get 40mbps. On my mobile phone, i always get a notification that says internet is unstable on the 2.4ghz. When i check wifi analyzer, signal strength shows around -30db. Ive...