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    Kamoj Kamoj Add-on Beta testing

    Edit: I found the root cause: My apartment provider implemented a own vpn. So the problems came from trying to build up a VPN inside of a vpn connection... Sorry @kamoj & @Voxel, it was a local probelm, not your great software :cool: I will continue noob-testing ;-) Hello kamoj & voxel...
  2. plusline

    Kamoj Kamoj Add-on Beta testing

    Hello guys, I run into the same internet connection problem since I updated to latest voxel and re-installed the addon Version 17. I will check out more on weekend. On v16 it is currently back running.
  3. plusline

    Kamoj Kamoj add-on V5 for Netgear R7800 X4S and R9000 X10

    Hello all, i am running kamoj v5.0 on my Netgear r9000 with Voxel V1.0.4.46HF since two days and need to highlight this game changing addon to break the big firewall! It works fine with Astrill. Just copy the .ovpn file content (from member - vpn support section on Astrill website) into the...