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    Entware Rtorrent Webui not working.

    This is done in one package so that you can install everything immediately without having to do it separately.
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    Entware Rtorrent Webui not working.

    I had this version installed on the old disk and it worked without a problem and now I also did the same installation on the new disk and it doesn't work. I reset the router to factory settings and reinstalled everything and I don't want webui to work...
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    Entware Rtorrent Webui not working.

    Nobody can really help me. I do everything right. enters the correct path to the webui and does not want to run. the log says that rtorrent starts and works and the webui does not. I will add that I have an easy install version that does everything by itself and worked without any problems. Help...
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    Entware Rtorrent Webui not working.

    Hello. I have ax56 and the drive that rtorrent was on is connected. I replaced it with a new disk and loaded the rtorrent again. It happened without a problem, but Webui doesn't work. I restored the router to the factory settings and reformatted the disk and installed everything and I do not...
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    AdGuardHome [RELEASE] Asuswrt-Merlin-AdGuardHome-Installer (AMAGHI)

    Where to get good blocklists for AG
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    Skynet error during startup

    Hi. When I turn on Skynet I get such an error. How to fix it ? Everything worked fine and suddenly it stopped.