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    Dual WAN Fail Over still using secondary WAN

    I initially thought maybe it was pinging over the secondary, fall back route....however, per my previous response, if I disable data on the 3G modem, the router shows no status change on the secondary connection. If it was actually doing pings over the secondary connection, it should show a...
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    IPSec VPN doesn't work until WAN - NAT Passthrough is toggled

    Running 384.11_2 on a RT-AC66U_B1. I have a client on my network attempting to connect to a IPSec VPN through the router. After a fresh router boot, the client us unable to connect to the VPN. Doing a packet capture on the client, I see an initial ISAKMP packet to destined to the VPN IP with no...
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    Dual WAN Fail Over still using secondary WAN

    Any other thoughts on this?
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    Dual WAN Fail Over still using secondary WAN

    I'm running 384.10_2 with dual WAN setup in fail-over mode. The backup WAN connection is an Ethernet connected 3G modem. Since setting up the dual wan, I have been seeing a consistent 1.6MB/day usage as reported by the 3G ISP. If I disconnect the Ethernet link from the modem to the router, this...
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    Identifying the in use WAN connection from script

    I have a wan-start script I use to alert me when my router has failed over to its backup WAN connection. Right now, that script just looks at the current wan IP (nvram get wan0_ipaddr) and does some logic to determine if the IP belongs to my primary link's IP or the backup link's IP... sort of...