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    Internet traffic bar

    You need to enable QOS, select manual setting, then enter your values.
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    Routed client possible?

    I picked up a GL iNet AR750S for traveling. It’s small and supports OpenVPN. I have my AX88U running as a VPN server and the AR750S as a client when I travel. The AR750S has had stable WiFi and supports WISP to connect to hotel WiFi and then rebroadcast it as your own network. They advertise...
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    Best router to use with a VPN client? (IE Express VPN etc)

    Here is the last week of history on my AX88U using Express VPN. Typically getting between 100 and 150 Mbps. Some of the low spots are probably caused by inbound traffic while spdMerlin is running its test. I could probably fine tune it to maximize throughput by searching through different...
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    is the Asus RT-AX88U right for me?

    I’ve been running an AX88U since the end of 2018 with very little issues. There were some problems with IPV6 connectivity that were present in the stock firmware and carried into Merlins but they were patched in the following firmware release. Currently I am on 384.15 and rock stable. I have...
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    [384.16_Alpha Builds] Testing all variants

    @RMerlin the change log shows “Merged GPL 384_8137“ this is AX58 firmware yes?
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    DSL-AC68U No DSL light

    You may need to call your ISP to register the new modem on their system. With my ISP if I upgrade my modem I have to call then, provide the make, model, and MAC so they can register it before service is provided to the unit.