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    Asus RT-AX86U 160 Mhz channel falls back on 80 Mhz

    @Adamm created a script to do just that however it’s only on a daily basis. If you’re near to one of the radar sites I wouldn’t use this script, as the reason for the router to kick off the DFS channels is to prevent interference with radar equipment...
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    Asus RT-AX86U 160 Mhz channel falls back on 80 Mhz If you’re within 10 miles, 160mhz will turn off fairly quickly. Within 20 it may work for a while but will probably pick up interference from time to time and turn off. Another factor would be airplane traffic as I believe the weather radar from...
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    policy routing failing to route through vpn.

    Is your DNS settings on the VPN page set to Exclusive?
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    OpenVPN client speed - Merlin 384.19 vs 386.1

    I use ExpressVPN and usually get between 160-180 connected to Dallas. I dirty flashed from 384.19 to 386.1 a week ago and saw no change. Here is a 30 day history from spdMerlin.
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    policy routing failing to route through vpn.

    If you want all traffic to go through WAN except for certain devices, set to Policy Rules Strict and put the IP of your device in the rules. Don’t forget to make a static reservation so set a static IP on the device itself so it will always get the same IP.
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    "Best" Asus Router for VPN

    Which provider do you use? What are their crypto settings, specifically tls control channel and auth digest. I’m wondering if your provider is using an extra strong encryption which is slowing the router down?
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    "Best" Asus Router for VPN

    The ac86, ax88, and ax86 are all close in openvpn performance. They all should be able to achieve around 200 Mbps. If you are way below this with your ac86, it could be that your vpn provider doesn’t have very fast servers or possibly you are using a server very far away, degrading performance...
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    GT-AXE11000 custom firmware

    If you are asking about Merlin firmware, he has historically not supported GT models. Currently he is experimenting with the GT-AC2900 though. If he decided to support it, it may not be for a long time if ever.
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    Question on router ranges...

    I would go for the AX58U ($180) over the AX55 because of the Merlin support. The upcoming AX68U ($199) looks very promising however you may have to wait on availability and it’s not currently supported by Merlin. Your plan of setting it up and then shipping it is sound. For remote management...
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    Access to web server

    When you access it on the local computer, do you have to use a specific port? Example you navigate to 172.x.x.x:xxxx? It may be bridged so you could try accessing it from your PCs IP: port. 192.168.1.x:xxxx
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    RT-AX88U internal speed test?

    The AiMesh tab in the left menu as well as the built in speedtest utility are features added in the 386 branch of firmware. Since you flashed back to the 384 branch, they are not available.
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    RT-AX88U internal speed test? Follow the steps in this thread to access AMTM. Note that if you are using a version of Merlin newer than 384.15 it comes preinstalled so you can skip the part about entering the curl command. Continue to follow the...
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    VPN Client Merlin RT-AX88U

    You will want to use the last example. Make a rule for LAN as shown and all traffic will go through the VPN. Then you can make a rule for any device you want to go through WAN. Be sure to set static IPs either in the DHCP settings or on the device itself.
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    RT-AX88U internal speed test?

    There is a built in speed test if you have updated to the 386 branch of FW. I haven’t personally used it as I am on Merlin 384.19, but I have heard it’s very basic in design. If running Merlin, you can install an add on package called spdmerlin that is much more advanced and will run on a...
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    connmon connmon - Internet connection monitoring

    I still use it. Not every Speedtest server supports line quality and jitter. Plus connmon allows for better tracking of your connection in general. For example, one night this week my connection went down for about 15-20 minutes in the middle of the night, but spdmerlin didn’t show this since...