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    Media/Plex 4k Transcode Reccomendation?

    My head is spinning reading all the different options for a NAS that's capable of streaming transcoded 4k from Plex. I want to spend as little as possible and don't really need RAID etc, just the ability to stream and transcode 4K content instead of doing it from my main gaming PC. Would...
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    I am having stability issues with the Asus AX88U router

    Yup, I went through two AX88U units also before giving up on it. Swapped for a AX86
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    Sorry if it's already been asked AX86U Merlin FW?

    Well, I have this router with a return window until the end of January 2021. Think I'll return it by then, may as well get a WiFi6e. I'll maybe jump back on to my old AC68U with Merlin on it. Not sure how well it will handle my new 1gig net connection though.
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    Sorry if it's already been asked AX86U Merlin FW?

    Seen further down. Reason I ask is I have a return window and if it's not going have support I'll swap it back out for a third time luck try at the AX88U.
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    Sorry if it's already been asked AX86U Merlin FW?

    I seen that but it doesn't actually shine any light.
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    Sorry if it's already been asked AX86U Merlin FW?

    Sorry, I've looked through the forums and find anything. Is Merlin planning to release his FW for the AX86U? Thanks and soz once again.
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    AX86U Dropping 2.4

    All of the above were already set. 2.4 AX disabled, WPA2 set rather as 3 or 2/3, AI protection off. Wireless survey shows no heat above the 2.4 in my area strong enough to affect my signal. Manually set to 7 and tried auto assign....even though not nearby 2.4 interfering. All patch cables are...
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    New RT-AX88U firmware

    Anyone tried it? Anything fixed from the last update? Are the 'gaming' features fixed such as the the device prioritisation allowing more than one device?
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    RT-AX88U new firmware

    Just bunged it in there to see, mostly out of curiosity. It's added a some features that were in their more 'gaming' aimed models. Such as, one click port forwarding for popular online gaming titles, per device within network prioritisation for gaming and a mobile setting where you set the...
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    Buying Advice

    Hi, I've been a lurker for a long time but, the time has come to speak. I've been running an Asus RT AC68U for a few years now and felt it was time to upgrade as there's aprox 8 wireless clientsand 4 Ethernet connected devices running from it at any one time. sometimes it goes up too when...