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  1. thiggins

    Does OFDMA Really Work? Part 2

    Well, see if you can restrain your self from the "salty" words. :)I'd like your take on 6E, please.
  2. thiggins

    Does OFDMA Really Work? Part 2

    And that is my conclusion. The average user, even once they have a few AX devices is unlikely to notice a difference. This new whitepaper Qualcomm sent me basically says you need a LOT of BUSY AX devices to see OFDMA benefits. Is even the Home Scenario (section 5.1) realistic?
  3. thiggins

    QUAD9 moves to Switzerland

    Ok guys we're done here. Closing thread.
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    Looking for suggestions for 2.5 Gbps PCIe Ethernet adapter that runs on Ubuntu

    I haven't used them a lot yet. But they installed with no problems on Ubuntu 18.04 in Dell Optiplex SFF machines and iperf3 test showed througput was fine.
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    Why should I move to Wi-Fi 6/6E?

    If Wi-Fi 5 (AC) is working for you, there is no compelling reason to move right now. You need Wi-Fi 6 devices to take advantage of the standard's benefits. Same goes for 6E. 6E devices are not common now and it will take a year or two until smartphones and laptops have it. Longer probably for...
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    Router Reliability, Bloat and Handling of Many Devices

    A lamp timer is an low-tech but effective solution for this.
  7. thiggins

    Router Reliability, Bloat and Handling of Many Devices

    Add a dying "wall-wart" power supply to this list. They are known to cause flaky problems like you describe.
  8. thiggins

    FlexQoS FlexQoS - Why didn't it work?

    @TheLyppardMan and everyone. Please don't use the "How To" prefix unless you are posting a How To procedure/method/process. This prefix is NOT to be used for asking how to do something. Thanks,
  9. thiggins

    Netgear XR500 wifi issues

    That's a forum limitation. Nothing to do with your WiFi connection. It's not possible to have 443 Mbps throughput with a 433 Mbps link rate. So something is wrong with your "before" downlink comparison number. As I said, the speeds you now report are reasonable for a 433 Mbps link. If you want...
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    Getting internet to pole barn 250 feet away

    Use a pair of outdoor wireless bridges. 5 GHz should be fine if you have line of sight and not a lot of trees between house and barn. You'll get higher bandwidth with 5.
  11. thiggins

    Upgrading from and old 802.11n router (AC or AX?)

    @Zetto AX and AC provide the same maximum link rates on 5 GHz for both AX and AC devices. My advice would be to price AC and AX routers with the same # of streams. With only a few devices active at a time, you could probably get by with a two or three stream router if you wanted to save money...
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    RAX120 connection problems

    What channel and bandwidth settings are you using? If using DFS channels, 5 GHz will take awhile to come up because it first has to complete its scan for radar.
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    Voxel Netgear X10 R9000 ,Voxel Firmware ,VPN

    Dang computers! :)
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    Very poor Wifi performance and disconnection unless on 20mhz channel width

    This would indicate to me a congested airspace. Keep in mind an 80 MHz channel uses four 20 MHz channels. You might try switching from lower to higher channel group, i.e. 36-49 to 149-161. You could also try changing the control channel (the one you set with the channel selector) But since you...
  15. thiggins

    Voxel Netgear X10 R9000 ,Voxel Firmware ,VPN

    @schneidewind Please post in English. That's the language used in this forum. Danke.