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    Reliable Router for Fully Connected Home

    $379 buy it seems to have quad core in there. Expandable. You can do a lot with that router I see. You have options but get the optional switch as well. save on the router to manage other devices.
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    Speed Test (Verizon FIOS 1Gbps vs Comcast 600Mbps)

    FIOS ONT can lead to some issues, I was trained on FiOS for 30 days then was Technical Support FiOS under Frontier Communications while back supporting Western Florida, all of Texas and CLA. They had taken over all Verizon FiOS networks in those areas. 1 GBps was reported at 700-900mbps at...
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    Home Network - Starting Over...

    OP was running HUB on his network. I didn't mention his ASUS AC2900 I was talking about the HUB.
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    Reliable Router for Fully Connected Home

    I had invested over $500+ back in 2012 with Tp-Link managed Business Network Gear all rack mounted hardware dual WAN VPN VLAN wired router and long with rack mounted VLAN Layer 2 switch. I use continuous power supply unit runs at peak voltage in the rack as well. I don't run 10GBp which is 7...
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    Home Network - Starting Over...

    OP I understand what your doing because I use to do that years ago. But the best thing you can do if you have the budget for it buy a router wired or wireless. I like the wired router, AP (wireless access point), switch you can do the same as small business does. Then you can run your network...
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    May Need New Laptop

    OP what's your budget for this new laptop? What AMD has today not bad and Intel as well. 8 GB DDR3 or higher great ditch that HDD for SSD. I am still on my old 2012 Gateway runs like new I invested in SSD for it first clone the old 2.5 HDD to SSD. But decided to blow out that and make it Windows...
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    Smart home platform Wink will require a monthly subscription starting May 13, 2020

    Subscription ouch... I am glad what I use doesn't require that service. I still feel I paid for it every time I buy a new smart device from the same joint partnership with the merchant retail superstore chain. To sell these smart devices at a right price to get consumers to buy them in huge...
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    How do you max out a Gigabit internet connection

    How are you using this connection? Separated Cable Modem? or All in one they peddle for $13 a month deal. I will not use that method to me is just way to much overhead. I keep my CM on my own without them trying to charge me rental. I keep that CM off the any CATV/DP so I just have CM/ISP...
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    What's Missing From Your Wi-Fi 6 Router? OFDMA

    WIFI-6 not much use for that yet most of us on WIFI-4 or 5 and yet all my smart devices will only use 2.4GHz it was tough haul on Onhub to trick to think Guest was 2.4GHz. Tp-Link Business AP seems to hold it's weight so far. I got it mounted to AP stand I made it's all the way to the ceiling.
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    TP-Link EAP225v3 AC1350 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point Reviewed

    I got this one because my OnHub made by Tp-link for Google will not work at all...I didn't see Tim review on this device here. I had build a AP Stand and attached this AP on it I get -40 dbi but after the the lastest firmware it's -48 dbm for 2.4GHz and 5GHz 43 dbm. Firmware removed the word...
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    Confused on setup

    Can these 2 Smart TV access your NAS shared folders?
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    Do Routers Get Slower As They Age?

    It does if the firmware has glitches in the code. That could effect the performance of the router. DD-WRT had a feature that would overclock WiFi amp like in Buffalo G54 HP. I had told the author of DD-WRT that pushing the WiFi amp over 70 would hard the router. He did agree and removed the...
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    Do Routers Get Slower As They Age?

    Depends on the hardware used inside this devices. If made well the device can last a very long time. Once you started to stress it out and push the firmware beyond the OEM limits then your shorting the lifespan of the hardware.
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    True or False: Expensive routers will improve your ISP speed

    Non-blocking ports and manged ports is the way to good. If the business router has more configuration for bandwidth and port control even better. Get matching layer 2 or higher managed switch you can really see things fly. Of course a matching internet speed and fast DC3 cable modem would be...
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    True or False: Expensive routers will improve your ISP speed

    Since 2012, I am being using TP-LINK TL-ER6120 with is a wired manged business router. For WAN in this router can be optimized to top performance. NAT throughput is optimized also. So for your ISP download and upload speeds you can configured this router to max throughput on WAN. Example...