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    Internet connects to computer but not to router

    hello, is it possible when you get a a connection straight to your computer you are getting a lan ip like and not a wan ip like those are made up btw. i ask because it maybe that your plugging into the wan input on the router and it doesnt see the address as a gateway...
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    Connected but "No Internet, secured"...

    Here seems to be a nice list to go over. Seems like a lot of poking and hoping on this one.
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    Router suggestions, Help appreciated.

    Hello, Would go with the 12 and not the 4. Also are they thinking of you to maintain and troubleshoot? If so the unfi stuff makes remote work for you a little easier.
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    TRENDnet Adds Two New 4K PoE Surveillance Cameras

    Hello. There would be no reason for that. You would never be able to record that for any period of time . 60 p is barely something broadcast uses let alone a dvr . 20 is pretty high for 4k that your recording 24,7 and 265 is really not even being used that much. D.
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    Ubiquiti AC Pro and AC Lite Access Points Reviewed

    Hello. Tim thanks for your review. I just wanted people to know if they don't already that there are a new version of lite that's out or just coming out that works on both 24 or 48 because of those low cost unifi switches only do 48. Just thought I would let people know . Might be helpful info.
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    Asus (RT-AC68A)

    Hello, Any one know anything about this one. Never heard of this one before.
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    Recommended firmware for R7000

    Thanks for your fast response. Was it hard to install Merlin s firmware on the router?
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    Recommended firmware for R7000

    Thanks for the fast response. Is it difficult to flash Merlin s firmware on the router? Thanks
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    Recommended firmware for R7000

    Hello. If I load Merlin s software onto a nighthawk 7000 is dual wan available on this router and if so is anyone using it and has it been,tested? Thanks for any info in advance.
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    Which good router for my application? AC68U or R7000?

    Hey. I don't really know if I am allowed to post a deal here but 8f not please put in right space or delete. Sorry in advance. Seems like a great deal for a new one not a refurb...
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    ASUS RT-N66U Firmware version

    Hello, I'm new so don't kill me. When you upgrade firmware from what ever your old firmware was no matter how old when you put the new firmware on does it include all old fixes up until that point? Thanks
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    Airplane Internet Access Control

    Hello. I was wondering what kind of software the airlines use to access the Internet while on a plane ? How they set time limits and also how they are able to make it so people can access Amazon but not let them stream movies from Prime. Any info on this would be a great help. Thanks for...
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    $80-100 suggestions please...

    sinshiva, can you provide the link where you have directions/explain on how to change 3rd and 4th wired ports? thanks
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    Why Your WiFi Sucks

    I haven't missed anything but if you want to believe that you are in entitled to your opinion. I hope in the future that these companies put together better equipment. Easy to overlook shortcomings but its harder to fix them. I know im a pessimist .
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    Why Your WiFi Sucks

    Hello, Is that why really pretty much every piece of firmware that runs these routers are never 100 percent and why they always have some kind of security concern with every upgrade. Thanks to people like Merlin we regular people have a fighting chance of having a piece of gear that...