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    Spin down question

    That's not the issue. The file disk was spinning down. But now with my ipcamera disk it's not. I assume both usb slots work independently for spinning down?
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    Spin down question

    Hi thanks for answering. No nothing is writing to the files drive. And I don't have that option flush cache. It's an RT-AC66U
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    Spin down question

    I have two usb drives mounted. One for files and one for recording my ipcamera. Is it normal that my file drive is not spinning down? Because of activity on the ipcamera drive. Or is it because my ipcamera drive is on port one.?
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    Tabs missing on mediaserver page

    I tried to setup a manual media server path. But after applying the configuration all the tabs are gone. And the specified paths are not visable in the screen. Did a complete reset of the router and it was back again..... after setting up the media path again. Again no tabs. Looks like you can...