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    Is there a WiFi scanner that shows bandwidth

    I've come to rely on WiFiman from Ubiquiti - tend to trust them more than most other devs. It'll show you Speed, Channel Width, and Distance to each node. It's audible report of signal strength and Link History features are useful in exploring heat maps and roaming hand-offs. Requires location...
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    First Threat Prevention Alert

    SpeedThree, came across an old link with a procedure for assessing Threat Prevention alerts: (The context is from when a beta version of Threat Protection went bonkers, but still pertains.)
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    First Threat Prevention Alert

    I have considerable experience with the Synology implementation, though I stopped using it when SRM 1.2 came along as a step in stabilizing the router. I haven't turned it back on... This particular alert can occur when merely browsing Amazon or using video conferencing apps, among other...
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    SOHOpelessly Broken 2.0

    "Today, we show that security controls put in place by device manufacturers are insufficient against attacks carried out by remote adversaries." Looks to be a well-documented report from ISE: vulnerabilities found in ASUS RT-AC3200, Netgear Nighthawk R9000, and several NAS products...
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    Does anyone know how Tuya works?

    Thanks, but nope, Fing doesn't see them. One of the recent router firmware updates now shows them on the DHCP list, though.
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    New Synology Router arrival soon?

    Apologies, somehow missed your post. No, I don't think so. I'd revisit, maybe give Peplink a try.
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    Network client list Unknown Client

    It's not Cisco you need to avoid. It's the NSA. Good luck with that. ;)
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    New Connected Home Complex Wifi Setup - Asus - Synology - Ubiquiti

    As Tim says, you'll be trading one set of problems for another. With the intro of SRM 1.2 a few months ago (primarily to add mesh capabilities) they've destabilized the whole environment, even for those using wired APs instead of mesh. Check it out for yourself here...
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    Netgear R7800 vs R8000 in 2018

    I can't recommend the Synology RT 2600ac. Good with security updates, but real issues with stability since installation in March. Even worse now with the new SRM 1.2 (Mesh) release. A pity. Check for yourself:
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    Router Buying Advice, Asus Vs Netgear Vs TP-Link?

    Check the latest firmware updates for TP-LINK. Ran Archer C9's for years; reliable, but few if any updates to keep them current...
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    Has Synology fixed the slow VPN client issue?

    I run VPN client on a 20 Mbps connection with no noticeable degradation (RT2600ac). Performance on a 1 Gbps link could be a different story, and SRM 1.2 was only recently released, so I'd suggest asking at (the forum recently moved to this address). SRM...
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    Does anyone know how Tuya works?

    So I just installed a smart wi-fi switch that uses the Smart Life app (Tuya by another name) for activation and control. With the app I assigned the switch to the guest network on my Synology RT2600ac router, and to my surprise everything worked the first time. :) Except that the device does...
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    5 Things To Know Before You Buy A Draft 11ax Router

    A veritable public service, that.
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    Recent dual-WAN experience: Asus vs. Cisco vs. Peplink

    They come highly recommended in some circles:
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    ASUS Expands 11ax Lineup And Sets Ship Date

    Reason #3: By buying products before they're ready you encourage malignant manufacturer behavior: buggy software, too many products to support, glitz instead of quality or robustness.