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    Wifi 6 AP or Router compatible "Wave 2"

    Hello Everyone, My Asus-RT87U is working today as an AP and I have partially satisfied of the speed of the Wifi. I know that today devices are not yet ax but I wanted to change expecting already an improvment with the current devices. I wanted a Dual Ban AX router, already certified Wifi 6...
  2. XabiX

    RT-AC68U recurring packet errors in history

    I am wondering if this post is on the right section :) (if not can an admin move it?) THANKS and good WE
  3. XabiX

    RT-AC68U recurring packet errors in history

    Hi guys, Anyone knows? as I have the same and couldn't find explanation on google: Oct 26 08:25:21 lld2d[507]: packetio_recv_handler: g_opcode 8 with seq=54602 (from realsrc=48:83:c7:38:0d:60) is illegal; dropping My concern to see these lines when I am behind a Service Provider ADSL box...
  4. XabiX

    Your recommendations on my Home network architecture

    Thanks MichaelCG. I have decided to buy a 2 ethernet PCI card to make things much easier and proper. I will flatten the network and just differentiate WAN vs LAN and put the CAMs in the LAN together with the NAS (host server). The OTB VM will stay alone on the WAN to aggregate the different...
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    Your recommendations on my Home network architecture

    Hello SNB friends, I have been reading a lot around but most of the time, I don't find a similar network to get the best ideas on how to setup my home network. Usually companies will have a network architect and security guru that would be able to help :) Here is what I had in mind: The...
  6. XabiX

    AC87U Asus Merlin interface source routing or One to One NAT

    Hello Everyone, 1st of all, Happy New Year to all. I spent too much time during the holidays season to try to bound my ADSL with a 4G modem to increase my bandwitdh. For doing so I I need to separate my access interfaces towards my NATted server who does mtcp so the sessions are not...
  7. XabiX

    Cisco AnyConnect in Asus routers

    Hello guys, I recently bought an Asus RT-AC87U which I am very happy with. Running the latest Asuswrt (380.57) and installed 2 days ago. My main reason to add a router instead of using the default triple play ADSL box was to setup a permanent VPN tunnel to my office and redirect only specific...