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    Beta Lyra MAP-AC2200 AiMesh 2.0 Beta?
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    Beta Lyra MAP-AC2200 AiMesh 2.0 Beta?

    can you send me a link to this lyra MAP-AC220 beta firmware ?
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    AiMesh - which second router? vs Competition?

    I have Lyra from 3 weeks and for me is very stable and problem free, but as many review says when it comes to the speed of the backhaul connection Lyra is not that fast as other three band mesh systems. But for me more important is to have AiProtection and nice QOS witch Asus have an overall...
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    AiMesh - which second router? vs Competition?

    Lyra is more stable and complete mesh system, but from the hardware side AC5300 is better.
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    AIProtection not only in Asus routers

    Deco M5 is using IPQ4019 an have Trend DPI...
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    Parental control - https sites

    I hope that my AC56U will be supported :)
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    Parental control - https sites

    Unexpected but very interesting information :) Is it know which models will get 382 fw ?
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    Parental control - https sites

    in some case yes, some not... Parental control in synology block most adult site, even https, asus also block adult sites but none https, and that starts to be a problem... On the other side, asus is great in blocking dangerous sites (malware etc), synology have ips, but this is not about block...
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    Parental control - https sites

    hi, I`m using Trend Micro Parental control function but lately it has become less useful since more and more adult sites are going to https, and router cannot block this site :/ Does anyone know if the asus is going to do something about it or will eventually stop working completly ? For...
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    ASUS RT-AC3200 Official Beta Firmware

    hi, Anyone knows what is signature version in firmware upgrade tab ? It updates automatically or only manually? BR,