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  1. 10gig

    10GbE network under $1,100?

    Hi all – Do you think it's possible to build a 10GbE home or small business network today for $1,100 or less? I'm working on the very early stages of a project to equip a bunch of homes with 10GbE 3 to 6 years hence, and I'm curious what's possible right now. 10GbE routers like the Ubiquiti...
  2. L

    router for home network update

    It is finally time to updgrade my old Draytek 2130 wired router. It served admirably for nearly 10 years, and can maintain 700Mbit hardware NAT throughput to WAN on my 1Gb Comcast internet, but it is showing it's age with slow VPN encryption and old VPN security standards. And I guess my new...
  3. Starrbuck

    My quandary - RT-AC86U or R9000 or ???

    I currently have an ASUS RT-AC86U running Merlin, along with a Netgear X4s R7800 as my backup. I'm really bored with Netgear stock firmware and Voxel firmware, I tried Kong's OpenWrt and it's really young. Merlin on my RT-AC86U has just about everything I like/need and it works well. I have a...
  4. Magebarf

    10GbE (10GBASE-T) Switch - Edimax XGS-5008

    Ran across this switch yesterday, but as far as I can tell it should have been on the market since mid last year or so: https://www.edimax.com/edimax/merchandise/merchandise_detail/data/edimax/global/smb_switches_web_smart/xgs-5008/ The reason I noticed it was because it is so compact, that it...
  5. Magebarf

    Today's delightful new problem (10gbit/s connection incoming)

    Okay, this day came (or will come) a lot earlier than i thought it would. And to start this thread off, this is merely a "because I can", or rather a "because I want to", project. No necessities, only pure tech interest and general madness driving this. Today my soon to be ISP (Bahnhof...
  6. Julio Urquidi

    Buffalo Releases 802.3bz Business Switches

    Both models in Buffalo’s BS-MP20 series of desktop network switches will support 2.5GBASE-T, 5GBASE-T and 10GBASE-T, allowing small businesses to transition to the faster 10 gigabit standard over time. By using the former two intermediate speeds, Cat 5e cabling will not have to be replaced...
  7. Magebarf

    Asus XG-U2008. Gigabit Switch with 2 10Gbit ports (RJ45).

    Just popped up on my radar, after Anandtech covered the release of this product with an article today; Asus XG-U2008: http://www.asus.com/Networking/XG-U2008/ Basically it's an desktop style unmanaged 8 port gigabit switch with 2 additional 10 gigabit ports added. All ports RJ45/copper. This...
  8. D

    Query re 10gbe, 10GBase-T, SFP+ and switches

    Hi all, I'm a newbie with 10gbe. I've also never teamed multiple 1gbe sockets. I have two HPZ800 workstations populated with SSDs and SAS drives. ● 1–PCIe2 x8(4) 25W ● 2–PCIe2 x16 75W (used by Quadro 6000) ● 3–PCIe x8(4) 25W ● 4–PCIe2 x16(8) 25W ● 5–PCIe2 x16 75W ● 6–PCI 32/33 25W...