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  1. M

    Missing ethctl on 380.70

    Hello I have an "old" RT-N66U on merlin firmware 380.70. I had to recently change my internet provider which resulted in getting a new modem. Now the RT-N66U is on 100 Full Duplex instead on 1 GB connected with LAN to the modem (AP Bridge Mode). I'd like to experiment and set the speed...
  2. R

    RT-AC66U 380.70 Recovery mode has no IP

    Hello, I'm trying to recover my AC66U from 380.70 to Merlin fork 374.43_39E1 When I put the router into recovery mode and the power light is blinking, the router does not seem to have the expected IP address How can I do this (without a serial cable please) Ronald
  3. RMerlin

    [380 legacy] DNSSEC no longer compatible with 380.70

    Root nameservers switched to a newer signature key. 380.70 only contains the old signature. People still running that older firmware and using DNSSEC will have to enable custom script support (Administration -> System), and create a /jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add file, with the following...
  4. J

    Checking cable modem signal levels through router

    I have an RT-N66U. It's currently running 380.70. I recently bought a Motorola MB8600 cable modem. I cannot seem to load the diagnostic page at My internal network is .0.0 and I can ping the IP fine, but cannot load the web page. If I plug directly into port 2 on the modem and...
  5. P

    ssh bug in 380.70, plus a funny one before it

    ssh does not return proper exit codes. My routers are 380.59 except for the new one which is 380.70. The old fw has even quite unbelivable extra ssh bug! On my network, there is a .2.8 computer and there is no .2.18 one. Meaning: ssh itself fails when .2.18 is the destination. So, I will use...
  6. K

    RT-AC66U OpenVPN Client - Can't change anything after first change - 380.70

    Hi, I'm having diffuclties updating the openvpn client. I try to change settings on client1, 2, ... but the values keep fixed based on the first time I uploaded a openvpn file. If I switch to other VPN clients and try to upload, It says it is ok, but nothing changes. When I try to connect...