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RT-AC66U OpenVPN Client - Can't change anything after first change - 380.70

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I'm having diffuclties updating the openvpn client.

I try to change settings on client1, 2, ... but the values keep fixed based on the first time I uploaded a openvpn file.

If I switch to other VPN clients and try to upload, It says it is ok, but nothing changes.

When I try to connect, the syslog always show the openvpn client connects to the first item I uploaded.

I tried to delete the items on the jffs using winscp, rebooted the router. But it does seem I'm missing something here. The values are still displayed.

Jusing the default button does not affect anything.

When I look at the source code,the vpn clients are coming from the nvram... but I tought that was the JFFS directory.

Any guidance to reset the thing without resetting my entire firmware?
I found some code, that can explain why the openvpn does not change when you choose another client:

function change_vpn_unit(val){
document.form.action_mode.value = "change_vpn_client_unit";
document.form.action = "apply.cgi";
document.form.target = "";

This does nothing with the val the function receives from the select box - on change function

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