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  1. S

    Router = AC86U AiMesh Node = AC68U (wfd_unregisterdevice) Instability Fix

    I searched all over the place for this issue, and never saw a clear cut thread - to the point I spent significant time of trial and error to figure this out. I hope this will help someone out... Setup: AC86U = Main Router AC68U = AiMesh Node Backhaul = Wireless Smart Connect = Disabled SSID's...
  2. rgnldo

    Unbound - Authoritative Recursive Caching DNS Server

    Unbound is a validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver. It is designed to be fast and lean and incorporates modern features based on open standards. Late 2019, Unbound has been rigorously audited, which means that the code base is more resilient than ever. To help increase online privacy...
  3. R

    384.13 VPN activating on IP by itself

    Hi All, I'm using 384.13 on an RT-AC68U. One of my fixed IPs which is not in the OpenVPN client settings is routing through VPN automatically - but not all the time. If I enabled/disable, then all is good for a couple of days, then Ntflx/AmPrm both tell me I'm using a VPN and I have to repeat...
  4. Val D.

    OpenVPN Client UDP connection issues (solved)

    Provider: NordVPN ISP Speed: 250/20Mbps (246/19Mbps real) OpenVPN TCP Speed: ~80/18Mbps OpenVPN UDP Speed: ~220/18Mbps Everything is configured properly and runs as expected except one thing: 220Mbps UDP connection king of chokes up with multiple open connections (torrents, for example). Once...
  5. U

    5 GHz Connection Speeds on 384.13

    Thanks for the great work, @RMerlin ! I updated to 384.13 from 384.12 today on an RT-AC3100 and noticed almost immediately that my 5GHz 802.11ac clients were no longer able to connect at full speeds. The fastest speeds under System Log - Wireless Log -> 5GHz were 228 Mbps. I know for a fact...