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  1. W

    Wired network issues (several) on RT-AX88U and beta (both 1 and 3)

    Upgraded my AC68U to a AX88U and generally very pleased. I never ran the stock FW but installed the Merlin Beta 1 right away as I have been running Merlin on the AC68U since I bought that several years ago, so I cannot reference if these issues are present on the ASUS FW or not. Sorry. Wireless...
  2. octopus

    [Thread-1] [ 386.1_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AGY2taGX02nVmWA&id=CCE5625ED3599CE0!1427&cid=CCE5625ED3599CE0 @RMerlin @thiggins is it possible to have "Alpha" prefix also? NEW ALPHA4 BUILD(S) date (2020-11-30) RT-AC3100 RT-AC5300 RT-AC68U RT-AC86U RT-AC88U RT-AX56U RT-AX88U RT-AX58U RT-AX86U...