5ghz disconnecting

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  1. M

    5GHz devices not connecting or missing from list of devices.

    I have an RT-AX88U as my main router with an RT-AX3000 as an AiMesh node, both running the latest stock firmware Over the last couple of days I have noticed that some of my 5GHz devices have stopped working and when I checked they cannot connect to the wireless. These devices...
  2. Y

    Rt-AC66u Change 5ghz channel in repeater mode

    Hi i just recently installed merlin latest for ac66u i am using repeater mode of my router 2.4ghz is repeating my network i understand both router needs to be on same channel for repeater mode but 5ghz channel i want to change as my device's support only channels that are above 140 while in...
  3. A

    RT-AX86U AiMesh (Merlin) - Disconnects

    Hi everyone, I have a set of dual RT-AX86U routers setup in AiMesh over ethernet backhaul (using the 2.5G port) and I'm on Merlin's 386.3_2 software. I have been away on holiday for 10 days and upon returning home and working from home, both my wife's and my work wi-fi connections have been...
  4. C

    Random disconnection of multiple devices

    I have a ax88u and ax58u node on aimesh. Both on 386.3_2. I have around 40~ devices connected at all times ranging from lightbulbs to pcs. On occasion some of my devices would lose usually the 5G network and then can't reconnect. I would see the device number all of a sudden drop to 25 devices...
  5. tbarbone

    AC-68U 386.2_4 wifi dropping

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time using customer firmware for routers and the merlin firmware seems great. I have been having issues how ever with 386.2_4. I keep having consistent wifi drops and have to disconnect and reconnect to get things going again. This is mainly happening on my Iphone...
  6. Z

    AC-86u AIMesh help

    Hello guys. I am trying to build stable internet for my office but I am little confused. I have like 50 clients(10-15 on each node) in my AIMesh(2x AC-86U + 2x AC-1900U). For the last months I was using the default settings but my two AC-86U obviously had problems with that. Every day one of...
  7. B

    New RT-AX88U 5GHZ disappears after a few minutes except on select channels

    Hey forum, I am experiencing the exact same issue as described in this thread I did not want to necro a five year old post pertaining to different HW and FWs... But I am very surprised there is so little info since then. Seems like all the posts about this issue stem from this time period...
  8. J

    Wireless dropping 5Ghz band - ASUS AC56U

    I have had this problem with two dsl-AC56U routers (I had the first one replaced). The wireless drops the 5Ghz connections. When you look for available networks, it usually takes a few seconds to become visible and can be connected to. However, after a shortish period of time, the connection...