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Rt-AC66u Change 5ghz channel in repeater mode

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Hi i just recently installed merlin latest for ac66u i am using repeater mode of my router 2.4ghz is repeating my network i understand both router needs to be on same channel for repeater mode but 5ghz channel i want to change as my device's support only channels that are above 140 while in repeater mode it is set to auto channel select and mostly go to 30 40 80 channel after some time then i have to restart my router every time to get 5gz signal any asus router God help me
Welcome to the forums @Yasir.

Using firmware over 4-years-old for a router today isn't recommended.

Even the stock Asus firmware for the RT-AC66U is much more current (2021).

Are you connecting with the 2.4GHz band to the main router? If you are, it may be possible to use another 5GHz channel to re-broadcast with (even if I don't think it's possible with Asus' routers, from what I know).

If you're using the 5GHz band for the backhaul, it can't be any other channel than what the main router is broadcasting.

If you want to use a different channel, you must make the change on the main router and then extend that via the repeater. Either way, both the main and the repeater will be on the same channel in the end (it can't work any other way).


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