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  1. J

    RT-AC86U - region change

    Hi, can anyone unequivocally settle the question of the possibility of changing the region in the RT-AC86U router, regardless of whether it is legal ;), etc.? I bought it a few days ago and the signal strength is dramatically low. In my previous RT-N66U router, after changing the location from...
  2. E

    RT-AC2900 / RT-AC86UC DUAL Network for VPN

    hey, i'm not good at scripts and still trying to understand them. I want two wireless networks on my router (RT-AC2900). one with VPN and one regular (local IPS). can you help me convey this wish to the developers of merlin so that they incorporate a nice feature that does not require script...
  3. K

    AC86U drops Aimesh randomly losing functionality.

    Has anyone experienced this, there aimesh feature just disappear and if you log into router they dont show up on network map homepage. After a reboot everything is back to normal and the aimesh works and shows up once again network map router homepage. Do I have a defective AC86U. Other...
  4. O

    Any known issues regarding AC2900/RT-AC86U 2.4 GHz radio malfunction?

    Hey guys, First post here (done plenty of reading -- hopefully enough). Around 2 weeks ago I replaced my older RT-AC1900/AC68U router with a new AC2900/RT-AC86U router and immediately flashed the latest stock firmware followed by Merlin's latest (384.4_2). The behavior I encountered was...
  5. Coorslightking1

    X4s vs 86u

    A poll to answer the many that question