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  1. azvaska

    RT-AX88U lan aggregation in AP mode

    Hello i have a new ftth 2,5gb connection and my RT-AX88U does have a 2.5 wan port. I want to change router, i will probably get the mikrotik RB5009 but i still want to use the RT-AX88U for the wifi can i configure it to use double lan so I can fully utilize my connection even in wifi...
  2. Ssamm45

    IPV6 while in Access point mode ac68u

    I'm currently running version 386.4 on an ASUS RT-AC68U. When I had the router set to "Wireless Router" mode the ipv6 option showed up as you would expect, however when I switched it to "Access Point mode" the option for ipv6 disappeared. Looking under "Lan" didn't give me any hints as to how to...
  3. tonymet

    Wifi AP Ping Latency Regression with upgrade to RT-AC5300

    I recently "upgraded" to Asus RT-AC5300 – a top-tier AP with tri-band, band steering and lots of resources. Working well, but one setback: my pings have regressed: To ⬇️ 3.0ms AVG from 1.8ms AVG prior to the test How I tested Router was the same in all tests ( UBNT Edge Router X) ping...
  4. J

    ASUS router in Access Point (AP) mode is interfering with master router

    This is the setup I have: Main ASUS router is located in the Main house, and directly connected to cable modem from ISP. This main router is in the default Wireless router mode, and its WiFi signal is used by people in the main house. There is an ethernet backhaul line that runs from the Main...