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  1. warlock

    Problem when disabling advertise router

    I turned off advertise router when following mullvads instructions. I was then kicked out of the interface page and I can't get the router login to load at all. It says server not found. Do I have to reset the entire router now? I don't know what else to do.
  2. F

    Disable/enable NAT Loopback? is a good reference thread. Thought I should mention it, instead of reviving a year-old discussion that appears solved. In later versions, Merlin v388.2_2 to be specific, on the RT-AX88u router, there is no NAT acceleration...
  3. T

    Aimesh vs ZenWifi Mesh Router

    My apologies if this has been asked before. What is the difference between routers running Aimesh and ZenWifi mesh routers? I understand ZenWifi supports Aimesh as well. Are there hardware differences? Software differences?
  4. I

    Wondering about Wi-Fi 6 routers and how they currently function

    Hi I was wondering about Wi-Fi 6 routers and how they currently function, would appreciate some advice: Background: Initially, I had two Netgear AC routers (R7800), one acting as main router and other as access point. Sometime ago, I bought Asus RT-AX88U, however, it had some issues handshaking...
  5. Z

    need new router for 100/100 Mbit

    Hi I`m seeking for a router that could help me out with my 100/100 (minimum) internet. Need for PLEX stream, Netflix, HBO go, torrent DL&UL. 1 PC, 3 mobilephone, 1 laptop, 1 tablet(maybe a NAS in 1 year period). Should be "future" proof as it can be now days. Phones, PC has AX on them, so can...
  6. Z

    Rt-ax92u and HDD

    Hi. Will this Seagate Backup Plus Hub 10 TB External HDD attached on the usb 3.0 port work with this router as my network storage? For download and store movies on it?
  7. A

    is the Asus RT-AX88U right for me?

    Hi all, I'm pretty techy but routers are a bit out of my league. I generally just do the basic set up on them and leave them be. I currently have an RT-AC68U that has been rock solid the past 4+ years however yesterday the 2.4ghz band completely died on me and I cant get it to activate any...
  8. O

    RT-AX88U Router + ZenWifi XT8 Nodes?

    I already own an RT-AX88U, and use it as the only router in my network. I would like to expand the network and add some wireless nodes using AiMesh. In particular, I'm thinking about a pair of the new ZenWifi XT8 to add as the nodes. Would continuing to use the RT-AX88U as the main ROUTER...
  9. Z

    Rt-ax58u vs rt-ax92u

    Would like to buy a new router for my house. Thinking on the Asus rt-ax58u model, but now the Asus rt-ax92u is on discount (on sale). So: 1) is the Asus rt-ax58u good choice to step in to the AX era? 2)what is the difference between the two router.
  10. Merlin_KM

    Looking to go AX and aggregate WAN ports to an SB8200

    Hello! First time posting, so please excuse any oversights! I'm looking to upgrade to AX with one of the options currently available. At the same time, I have a Gigabit plan with Xfinity/Comcast through an SB8200 cable modem. My ultimate goal is to aggregate the 2 ports on the SB8200 to an AX...
  11. D

    AX88U: how to disable Wi-Fi a, b, g ?

    Hello! Just got the new AX88U and it's AMAZING! I previously had an ASUS router which I had to give up because CTF prevented Wi-Fi calling from working on my phone, but they got rid of that on the AX88U! I was just wondering if anyone found a way of disabling Wi-Fi a, b and g to only leave on...
  12. D

    Should I upgrade to WiFi 6 Router?

    It just came in my attention that NetGear released it new Wi-Fi 6 Extender: My question is: What if I connect the Netgear AX600 wifi extender/router with my AC router will I able to get better...