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  1. SwizItalo

    Two ISP in same network, and choose whatever you like instantly (AX68u)

    I have 2 ISPs, the main one is 600/600 and the other one is 150/15. I always use main one but on sundays afternoon and night it becames laggy, with 120ms ping, but the second one stays sharp with 4ms. So, is there a way that i can manually switch (instantly) from WAN 1 to WAN 2 when the...
  2. KattinVN

    Merlin 386.7_2 bug on AX68U: random reboot

    Hi guys My old router is AC3100 currently running 386.7_2 without issue I decided upgrade it to Wifi6 so i choose AX68U, buy it from local store at china a few day ago after received I flash merlin 386.7_2 but the router auto reboot randomly anytime ~every 1-3 hours After few day check: #1...
  3. C

    New ASUS RT-AX68U User - problem with sending IP??

    AX68U This may not the problem that 'TheAtomic' mentions with a modem... I am very new to the complexity of the ASUS setup, so please help... :( I am trying to use 'Airdroid' to transfer stuff to my android mobile.. When the app starts it tells you what IP address to type into your browser...
  4. C

    Router for 46 m^2 apartment, capable of utilizing 1000 Mb/s connection. AX58U?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for advice, I need router to cover my whole 46 square meters apartment. My ISP provides 1000 Mb/s connection and I would like to utilize it completly. Devices I'm planning to connect: PC thorugh LAN, 2 laptops through Wifi, android tv, two mobile phones. I was...
  5. H

    RT-AX68U: Devices falling off network, DHCP OFFER getting lost

    Hi everyone! I've been chasing this issue for a few weeks, and I feel that I'm so close to solving it. I need some help from the experts here to help me understand my system to see if they can see the reason why this is happening. Device: RT-AX68U Firmware: Asuswrt Merlin 386.2_6 Once every...
  6. torstein

    Upgrade to AX68U from AX58U, worth it?

    I have the AX58U and it works fine, but it bothers me that it only has 2x2 MIMO and that it apparently has an early draft of the WiFi6-standard, and as such not "Certified WiFi6". The AX68U is now on sale in my country for 40% off roughly. Is it worth the upgrade to AX68U? I mostly just...