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  1. O

    Why are mesh nodes using the same Wifi band as the router?

    I just don't understand why. It should increase throughput considerably particularly in a crowded environment. I can guess that there are a few reasons to use the same band(s) on all nodes: It makes the administration simpler. Just one setting is needed. The coding to facilitate different...
  2. M

    change wireless band to 5Ghz

    Hi all, I have Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 on RT-AC86U. I changed my WIFI settings with: enable smart connect OFF Band 5Ghz Hide SSID Yes Wireless mode N/AC mixed however, on my phone (Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro, Android 11) I am still connected with 2.4GHz. On W10 laptop I got 5Ghz. Am I missing something...
  3. I

    Fix channel number when in Wireless Client mode

    Hi all, My 5Ghz band is set as Wireless Client. It works well most of the time. However, sometimes it changes from channel 132 to 60 for unknown reasons, even though channel 132 is still reachable. In fact, when it does that, the connection becomes very bad. I would like to prevent the router...