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  1. F

    Inbound packets are not captured

    Hi. I want to capture packets from my router (RT-AC1200G+) using tcpdump. The router has a bridge interface (br0). So, I thought I could capture packets through that interface because I confirmed in brctl that eth1, eth2, and vlan0 interfaces are added to the br0 interface. However, when I...
  2. S

    BUG: Bonding/ Link aggregation = br0: received packet on vlan1 with own address as source address

    [Kit] Router: RT-AC88U Merlin v384.17 (Wifi is completely disabled) Bonding/ Link aggregation is enabled Port 1 and Port 2, PS4 and Nvidia Shield plugged directly into router Port 3 and Port 4. GS108Tv2: 8 Port Switch which connects to RT-AC88U via two port LAG (LACP) GS108PEv3: POE switch that...
  3. B

    RT-AC5300: SPAN/bridge eth1 (WLAN) port

    Wireless Router Mode Firmware 384.15 Hello and thanks for allowing me to participate in SNB forums! I'm an IT admin with pretty good grasp of networking/linux/etc and am trying to solve an issue and could use some advice: I run a packet analysis platform whose capture interface does not have...
  4. memphis2k

    RT-AC68U Configured as AP br0 interface not seeing WIFI

    Hello, I am working on setting up a Proximity script for my RT-AC68U (set to AP mode) to send REST commands to my Home Automation system, an ISY994i. Running the latest Merlin firmware. Ideally want this to run as "services-start" if I run the command (found in the script) "arp -i br0" none...