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  1. L

    DDNS not working (RT-AX88U with DSL-AC55U as modem)

    Update: I've bought a TD-W9960 and set it as modem. In that case, AX~ DDNS still did not work (even my static ip would not bring up the GUI) as planned but however, when i tested my AC~ as a router, it worked. So, I decided to focus on AX~. The thing is, I figured that if I DMZ the router...
  2. R

    Windows Network Bridge resets router

    I have a Asus 86u as my main router in the house with Merlin installed. works perfect. I have a old linksys ac3200 (Gargoyle installed) in my barn about 100' feet from house connected to it as a wireless repeater. The signal is so so.. i can also hit the asus so so. I have two wifi cards on my...
  3. A

    Advice: Mesh System or 2 Routers?

    I’m looking to upgrade my home Wi-Fi system to account for a fairly large amount of streaming devices. Have 3 kids (8, 11, 14) and 2 adults, no cable, so there are definitely times we are all streaming (or playing video games) at once (& probably an occasion where 1-2 of the streamers is also...
  4. Combat Goat

    (AmpiFli HD Mesh w/ RT-AC68U Merlin Tips?) + (Heads up on FCC Net Neutrality Public Comment Period)

    First, to preempt the inevitable "nut up and run cable" comment, believe me, I have looked into that option thoroughly (as well as others) before arriving where I am. However, I am dealing a 1940's construction that has a lot of brick/masonry, and while the home mostly well restored, the wiring...
  5. KonoSuba

    RT-AC5300 x2 Wi-Fi Bridging Issue

    Current Network Setup: Central Router - RT-AC5300 Wi-Fi 2.4GHz Media Bridge 01 - RT-AC66U Wi-Fi 5GHz-1 Media Bridge 02 - RT-AC87U Wi-Fi 5GHz-2 Media Bridge 03 - RT-AC5300 <-- Issue being discussed *Each bridge is in a different room with similar RSSI Problem Summary: Bridge 03 has a...
  6. C

    Hardware Network TAP

    I'd like to reconfigure my RT-AC66U so that all traffic is forced through an external hardware TAP before hitting the WAN (VLAN2) interface. Is there a recommended best way to do this. I'm assuming I would create a new VLAN and then do some bridging. Just having a hard time picturing what the...
  7. Z

    Asus OpenVPN and old LAN games via internet

    Hi, I'm trying to play some older Windows games (like Warcraft 3) with some long distance friends as if they are on my LAN, using an Asus RT-AC66R set up as an OpenVPN server. My friends and I can connect to the VPN and ping devices on the LAN, but they cannot ping each other or see the game...
  8. izak

    (attempting) Bridging N66U to AC88U

    I am attempting to set up a bridge mode access pretty much as displayed in the picture below. There are other things connected to the mother ship; the AC88U, but currently only the Dell Laptop is connected to the bridge; the N66U. I have attempted this about 5 times throughout the week...