cable management

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  1. B

    Protecting physical interface?

    Hi all, So a friend asked me to setup a network system for his workplace. As of now, I'm intending to go with a pfSense box as a router. Not talking about the network design yet, the real problem is a server room. His business office is in a shared building. There are other companies in that...
  2. R

    Network hardware management best practices and products to use

    I wonder if anyone can suggest cable management best practices, and what products to use. I am installing a new network of APs, switches, and CCTV in my home. I do not have a rack because I have a perfectly empty cupboard that fits most of my equipment just fine and the cupboard is already...
  3. thiggins


    These guys pinged me about the product. Thought I'd pass it along. Nifty solution if you have a LOT of cables to corral...