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Thanks Tim, very much appreciated. I just want to let people know about the invention, as it can save infrastructure or network engineers (like me) a lot of time, effort and associated cost - as well as heartache when things go wrong!
Thats why I invented them! I hope people find us and benefit from them...
Looks neat - hoping you have some patent protection around it.

In our data center - velcro wraps and cable ties pretty much dominate at the moment...
Yep, patents all filed and progressing nicely!
Velcro ties and wraps are all great but everybody needs some SergeantClips, once used and tested they become a necessity to the operation.
Give them a whirl, trust me you'll love them...
We have also used Velcro and cable ties a plenty for our data center installs. These look promising.

Smart design, Mark!
Thanks for all of the positive feedback and direct messages about my invention.
To say thankyou I've created a discount coupon for any SNBForum members.
On the sergeantclip website enter: snb10
at checkout for 10% discount.

Thanks again for the support guys!

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