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  1. Julio Urquidi

    CES 2020: D-Link Delivers 5G Gateways For Service Providers

    D-Link is getting ready to release three 5G NR Sub-6 GHz gateway products for service providers so customers will have access to a faster connected world. The DWR-2010 5G NR Enhanced Gateway (pictured above) will deliver AX3000 Wi-Fi to home users. Interface-wise, the 5G NR will include three...
  2. P

    Please consider reviewing 3G, 4G cell phone boosters

    Hi, Now with so many boosters at the $100 price point, it would be great to read some reviews of what works and what doesn't. I seem to always be in a marginal signal area, how about you? Best, Mike
  3. wkearney99

    Good travel router?

    I've had a Zyxel MWR222 for ages and it's a bit slow. It's nicest feature is integrated support for a USB cell modem. Very handy when there's no wired Ethernet at a hotel. It also has a built-in battery and a very compact form-factor. I don't really ever depend on the battery, so that's not...
  4. T

    ASUS RT-AC68 USB Modem / USB Tethering

    Thinking about trying to setup a secondary WAN connection using Verizon USB Modem for failover, the primary connection to WAN is Cable. Looking at the modems supported on the ASUS website @ http://www.asus.com/event/networks_3G4G_support/ and it appears that there are 2 devices supported for...
  5. S

    Sanity & Configuration Check - Vehicle LAN Setup

    As a retired paramedic, I do a bit of volunteer work near the US/Canadian border and need a data solution for my vehicle/RV that covers the following: Primary Goals Parked with ability to physically 'jack in'. Parked / locally mobile with WiFi access via 2.4 GHz Ubiquity Nano (directional) or...
  6. L

    wired POE router with 3G/4G WAN connection

    Hi, I have a need for a Power Over Ethernet router to support a portable computer network consisting of 13 laptops. So far I have been using a wired switch without an internet connection, but stringing all the ethernet cables is a hassle. I would like to upgrade to two MIMO wireless access...