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  1. BreakingDad

    Google releases emergency update for Chrome

    You may want to push manually
  2. D

    Cannot log into router GUI using Chrome

    Hi, I have a RU-AC86U on 384.11_2. Ive noticed recently that I cannot log into the router using Chrome. I had the same issue running 384.6 (I upgraded today). I can log in just fine using IE and Edge. Im assuming Chrome has had some sort of update that is causing issues. Has anyone else...
  3. Michael Gauthier

    (Resolved) Differences in Chrome browser depending on the device

    I have a raspberry pi running a server. I connect to it by typing the IP address in a Chrome browser on mobile devices, Windows or a Mac. I can also type the pi's hostname "dimlights/" to access it, except on the Windows 10 PC running Chrome. On that PC I can only reach the pi via its IP...
  4. M

    False XSS blocking

    Hi there, when I try to enter into extended editing like this I get this in the latest Chrome
  5. A

    Traffic monitor issue with Chrome

    Hi sorry if this may have been aleady asked somewhere in the forum but I'm unable to find any discussion on this issue. I have a RT-AC68 with Asus Merlin 380.65_4 firmware, but the issue is present at least in all 380.65_x firmwares I tried and only using Chrome browser. Opening the Traffic...