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  1. O

    Upgrade firmware via cli

    Hi, Is it possible to upgrade the firmware via cli instead of webui? I have several AC88U, AX88U and AX3000(AX58) and would like to ssh remotely and initiate a firmware upograde but im not sure how to do an upgrade via the cli. Remote access to router is no issue. If there are any tutorials or...
  2. C

    Asus Router CLI question

    Hello All, I am trying to use my AIMesh network to enhance my home automation system. What I am trying to do is use my RT-AC88U's cli (via ssh) to output which node a mobile phone is connected to. I am able to ssh into my router but so far I have not found a command that will return that kind...
  3. M

    Ookla Speedtest cli binary available

    Hi guys, I just discovered that the binary version of Speedtest is now available. I successfully installed the arm version on my Asus Merlin: ookla repository: or The binary version for Asus...
  4. thobux

    timeout in cli after 5s -> healed itself overnight

    I log in via SSH and key, Timeout is set to 20 minutes (in the GUI) but even disabling it doesn't make a difference. I seems to be something else. I'm cut off after 5 secs (I counted it). I reset my router teh other day had no issues with it before. The log says something like Kernel drop. Any...
  5. sbarmen

    Enable wireless guest network from CLI

    Hello, we have set up a guest network with 14 hours access for the kids. If we log on to the web interface and click enable this network lasts for 14 hours and then expires. I have set up a crontab script under /jffs/scripts/ that is stored and recreated every boot. I would like to add a "cru...
  6. M

    make httpds listen on alternative device

    Hi I'm trying to get a grasp at my router (RT-AC68U) and this firmware (v380.65) by playing around. The final goal is a super paranoid setup, but only for educational purpose. I'm trying to bind sshd and httpds to a specific device (a vlan). Sshd works, but I don't geht how I can change...