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  1. Tiny Beard

    Newbie Needs Clear Answers/Direction Please!

    Hey! Completely new here, and rapidly consuming as much info about networking as I can. Certainly a newfound hobby/interest/fixation. I have a pretty open ended question concerning optimal setup for my network with Fios. Short memoir incoming. So, I live in pretty old condos. Parents let me...
  2. R

    Help with building my MoCA network

    Hello, I have dsl from AT&T which is very slow by today's standards. I'm thinking about subscribing to xfinity internet from Comcast because my father refuses to let AT&T drill a hole in our wall to get fiber. For now I think I'm going to get the 400 mbps down 10 mbps upload package they offer...
  3. D

    Tutorial What does a moca POE filter do for my moca network ?

    See section 2.4.5 section 2.4.6 for amps
  4. Scooterit

    Are the signal levels OK?

    Hi have a problem with Spectrum cable and I am wondering if there is a problem with the quality of the signals coming into my cable modem. Any cable technicians out here who can have a peek at the attachment of the status report I pulled from this Arris modem.?
  5. sfx2000

    MOCA - best practices from MOCA Alliance

    This might solve a lot of questions on MOCA installs... Yep - the obligatory PDF link warning, but a lot of good info here on cable types, splitters, etc...